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Affects of COVID-19 on At-Risk Youth

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, at-risk youth in communities of Maine have been affected in major ways. With schools closed from mid-March and limited openings in mid-September 2020, due to state-wide quarantines, daily connections to fresh food was lost for many students.

Hunger and food insecurity affect 1 in 5 children in Maine - 49,728 youth are food insecure in Maine alone. Because food insecurity affects children’s ability to learn and to develop healthfully they are often faced with more challenging futures.

By managing school food pantries and fresh produce distributions in schools, students who are food-insecure are able to bring home nourishing food for themselves and their family members. Over 1200 youth have already been positively affected by Youth Full Maine.

Youth Full Maine's mission is to provide nourishing food for York County students who have food insecurity to positively impact their health and learning.


Our goal is to end food insecurity affecting youth in Maine. Youth who have consistent food sources do better over their entire lifetime.


Make a Difference

There are many ways you can help children who are at-risk of going without food. You can change their lives with a donation and/or by volunteering.

We need your help to end food insecurity for children and youth in York County. Give monthly, a special gift, or volunteer to keep children and youth full. See how you can get involved and make an impact in your community.

Learn how the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted hunger and nutrition in food-insecure children and youth in York County, Maine. Rising unemployment and other factors have increased the number of families in financial disrepair, increasing the number of children and youth who are going hungry by a widening amount.


By giving a tax-deductible monetary gift, you allow us to supply children and teens with a portion of healthy food to grow strong and smart. Get the satisfaction of helping a community where food-insecurity is at its all-time high. You make the difference between their success and failure. Give a tax-deductible gift now.

Change the lives of children and teens with a tax-deductible donation. Each day 1 out of 5 youth are food insecure. Not knowing where their next meal is coming from, students risk falling behind in school and developing behavioral challenges. Give these youth a chance by signing up for monthly recurring investments into their lives.

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