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Give Food

Call us for more information on where and how you can donate food or food insecure youth.


The Food We Need

Food is purchased in bulk by YFM from its fundraising efforts, but over 75% of the food YFM provides is donated from business and individual food drives, community food pantries, and produce from local farms and markets. Youth Full Maine partners with Good Shepherd Food Bank to access more donated and discounted dry goods and local produce.

We accept most canned goods and nonperishable goods as long as it is more than two weeks before they expire and the containers or seals are not broken. Many individuals choose to donate canned soups, beans, sauces, among other items. 

We cannot accept expired or moldy foods, food that is perishable within the timeframe of a few days, and individual meal servings or leftovers. Perishable foods that are ripe now will be expired before a week goes by. Perishable foods can be donated successfully if the following conditions are met: the food is not ripe, the food is not expired, there are 7-14 days until it is ripe, containers or seals are not broken, and it is more than 2 weeks before the food expires.


If your food meets these requirements, call us at (207) 391-0185 to coordinate your donation drop-off.


Help us receive donations, manage and store food, and give food through our system of food banks and distribution centers. Once you submit the volunteer application, a staff member will contact you to schedule your orientation.

There are close to 50,000 youth in Maine who don't know where their next meal will come from. With your help, we can end food insecurity in Maine. 

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