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Give Now

Your tax-deductible donations feed youth in need. Choose a one-time donation or commit to monthly giving with just a click of a button.

Giving Monthly Increases Positive Impact

Your sustained donation to Youth Full Maine ensures that youth in York County are receiving long-term support through a reliable source of food. 47,460 youth in Maine struggle with food insecurity, but your donation can help bring that number down to zero.


If you would like to commit to a monthly donation, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Click the "Give Now" button. Step 2: Enter the amount you would like to donate. Step 3: Select the "Make this a monthly donation" checkbox. Step 4: Press Submit. Step 5: Receive confirmation from PayPal in your email.

Other Ways to Give

Special Gifts

Feeding large numbers of people requires some specialized equipment. We currently need a pallet jack, large tables for food sorting, building insulation, and drywall. Please email or call (207) 391-0185 to donate special gifts.

Recycle with Clynk

If you recycle bottles and cans with Clynk, you can choose to donate all or part of your Clynk balance to YFM by logging into your Clynk account and clicking "Donate". Or, you can email us at to request bags and tags that will automatically attribute your recyclables to YFM.

Click the "Give Food" link above to learn what kinds of food we need now at our on-campus food pantries.

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