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Join Our Team

Help Maine youth directly by volunteering with YFM.

We are always looking for motivated groups and individuals to help! If you are interested in working to end food insecurity with YFM, click the "Volunteer" button to fill out our volunteer application. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule an orientation. After orientation, we can 

We always need volunteers for packing and distributing food, making pickups and deliveries, and supporting our administrative duties. Have an idea for a new way to help? Let us know what you'd like to do through the volunteer application.


Other Ways to Help

Give Monthly

When you give, you increase the volume of healthy and nutritious food we distribute to hungry and youth. Every 2 weeks to a month, we buy food in bulk to distribute through the food banks and distribution centers we manage. Give monthly here to support our efforts to end food insecurity.

Special Gifts

Feeding large numbers of people requires some specialized equipment. We currently need a walk-in freezer, 3-5 freezer chests, and a pallet jack. Please email or call (207) 391-0185 to donate special gifts.

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