Hungers Effect on Lifetime Success

Effecting almost every part of their lives, hunger can mean the success or failure of youth over the course of their entire lives. 

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Malnutrition can cause a lot of nasty long term sie effects


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There are many ways you can help children who are constantly at-risk of going without food. You can change their lives with one donation.

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Learn how hunger effects the lifetime success of youth.

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See whom we are working with to end food insecurity in Maine.

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Learn some crazy facts about hunger's effect on Maine's quality of life.

2020 was a hard year for millions of people. For those who were food insecure, life became even harder. Families were being laid off and told not to leave their homes. Homeless shelters and hospitals were affected greatly by the increasing number of sick, hungry, and homeless families. 

Mixing these problems with schools moving online created an even greater hunger issue. Children and Teens were now out of reach for school food programs. Raising the number of food-insecure youth almost overnight.

A lack of proper nutrition changes the brain. These new changes make it harder to think and learn. These brain changes cause development to slow and severely hinder their ability to succeed over the entire course of their lives.

By ending their hunger and fear, they are allowed the opportunity to be successful over the rest of their lives. Empowering them to move towards a better future instead of getting stuck in the past. 

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