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Boxed Food

Our Work

Students Fed

We've fed close to 2,000 students, plus their families

Schools Supported

We have 15 school food pantries in 8 towns in York County, and growing

Food Distributed

We've distributed a quarter of a million pounds of food during the pandemic

Why Schools?

Schools are integral community spaces. Distributing food through schools ensures that we are supporting the futures of youth during important periods of development. School campuses are also central in our communities, which has allowed us to pivot toward community-wide food distribution events to support all citizens of York County throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Moreover, Maine is the 9th most food-insecure state in the U.S. Feeding our community is one of the most effective methods of investing in the well-being and future of our state.


Make a Difference

There are many ways you can help children who are at risk of going without food. You can change their lives with one donation.

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