Food Insecurity

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, at-risk youth in communities of Maine were being affected in a major way. With school being canceled due to state-wide quarantines, their one connection to fresh food was taken away. 

Helping youth and their families is the highest feeling of worth. Youth remember those who have helped them for their entire lifetimes. Volunteers, in fact, are people who live more fulfilled and incredible lives. They are remembered by every person they have helped. 

Becoming a volunteer is as easy as one, two, three. Sending us a message, setting up a time to volunteer, and joining us for a day. These steps are as easy as starting. 

Child by the Window

Make a Difference

There a many ways you can help children who are constantly at-risk of going without food. You can change their lives with one donation.

See what we need to continue to help the youth of York County. Many of the items we need will greatly increase the number of children and teens we can positively impact. Choose one of the special gifts listed, reach out to us, and receive a tax deduction from it. Give a special gift today.

Food is purchased in bulk by YFM from its fundraising efforts, but over 75% of the food YFM provides is donated from business and individual food drives, community food pantries, and produce from local farms and markets. Youth Full Maine partners with Good Shepherd Food Bank to access more donated and discounted dry goods and local produce.

Getting Involved

We provide nourishing food for children and their families in York County who are food-insecure. We manage food pantries in pre-K through 12th grade schools, and regular fresh produce distributions at schools, neighborhood sites, and summer lunch program sites. All food is available for children or their guardians to take home for the evenings, weekends, and school breaks.

Giving monthly is the most effective way to get involved. This allows us to provide a continued supply of food to food-insecure youth each month. Moving us closer to putting an end to hunger and food insecurity in Maine for good. 

Volunteering once or part-time also helps us increase the amount of edible and healthy food donated from businesses and individuals. Making sure we can handle a larger volume of donated food as we expand our efforts to end hunger and food insecurity in Maine.


Giving a special gift we need will improve our ability to expand our impact to more communities in York County, Maine. Great donations would be a walk-in refrigerator and a few freezer chests to keep frozen foods and vegetables safe and secure until we can distribute them to food insecure youth. 


Everyday is an opportunity for us to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable youth. Managing 7 food banks and working to build more, we are moving closure to our goals of ending food insecurity in Maine. 

Recently opening a new food bank in the heart of York County, Maine. It was hard work, but with your support we were able to open it. That one food bank will make the difference between the success of thousands of youth over their lifetimes. 

Started by the York County Board of Directors, it began with an idea. The idea was simple. Stop food insecurity in York County and the entire state of Maine. It began with a partnership with the locker project.


Over the last two years since their start, they have impacted over 1200 at-risk youth and families from their now seven food banks. They are planning to increase the number of food banks they manage in 2021, and have gotten to a great start.

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