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How Teens Manage Hunger and Food Insecurity

Teens in families experiencing hunger and food insecurity are heavily engaged in managing the family's food supplies, hiding their hunger and food insecurity, and taking on the responsibility of providing food in any means necessary. Even if that behavior is risky or iligal. 

By taking on the responsibility of providing food, they involuntarily take on the stress of adulthood without the capabilities of adulthood. This mixture of bearing responsibilities that aren't theirs to take on and being less capable of providing causes mental health issues and limiting behaviors in teens. The responsibility and mental health implications interferes with most parts of their development.

Mental Illness

Severe hunger is associated with anxiety and depression among children. Research shows that families’ lack of sufficient food, irrespective of their income, is associated with depressive disorders and suicidality in adolescents. 


Food insecure teens perform worse on academic achievement tests and learn less during the school year. This makes them are less likely to graduate and be accepted into colleges. Many often choose to pursue family survival over higher education and their own development. They often feel shame from their inability to change their circumstances drives them to make these decisions.

Volunteer Holding Food in a Middle Schoo

We have positivly impacted over 1,200 youth in York County, Maine. Providing healthy food to bring home for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have partnered with school systems to reach youth who wouldn't otherwise get a meal. There are 8 food banks and distribution centers we mange and are looking to decrease the number of hungry and food insecure youth in Maine from 47,460 to zero.

There are many ways toget involved. You can give a special gift, food, or a tax deductable gift. By giving, you do your part to end hunger and food insecurity in York County, Maine. Your gifts move us closer to our vision of a Maine without hunger and food insecurity in youth. You don't want that?

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